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Elder law concerns some of the most vulnerable members of society. Many elderly citizens depend on their family members to help them with issues related to government benefits, healthcare, and financial assets. However, most of the time, it is necessary for an elder law attorney to assist someone with legal issues that are specific to the elderly, as these matters can be complicated. Protecting the rights of elders is necessary, and a Webster elder law attorney can address complex legal issues that affect the everyday life of elderly people in Texas.
The Essential Components Of Elder Law

Attorneys who practice elder law focus on those legal issues affecting citizens who are over sixty-five years of age. Estate planning matters, inheritance taxes, end-of-life medical decisions, and healthcare regulations are all important aspects of elder law. Document assessment is one of the most important aspects of elder law. Elder law attorneys help citizens in their last decades secure their assets, protect their legacies, and prepare documents that inform their loved ones of their wishes if they die or lose the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.

Two Important Estate Planning Instruments: Wills and Trusts

Every individual who is sixty-five years of age or older needs to have at least two estate planning documents included in their estate plan: a will and a trust. A will is a testamentary instrument that makes the testator’s intent known to others. However, a will must still go through probate administration in Texas. The costs of probate can be exorbitant, and it can take months or years for a court to probate an estate. Elderly citizens who wish to bypass probate administration need to have a trust as part of their estate plan. A settlor creates a trust, and a trustee manages the trust assets for the benefit of beneficiaries.

Wills and trust vary depending on their specific features. Revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts are two of the most common types of trust instruments. A last will and testament is a common will, but a living will is also a common form. A Webster elder law attorney can help clients choose the best estate planning instruments that will help them achieve their goals. Having testamentary instruments in place can help family members administer the decedent’s estate with less acrimony.

Powers of Attorney and Other Important Estate Planning Documents

Incapacity is one of the most important problems that lead to disputes and conflicts in elder law cases. When a loved one loses their mental capacity, it can be difficult for family members to accept that their loved one no longer has the mental agility they possessed in prior years. Most importantly, an individual without mental capacity cannot make legal decisions for themselves regarding their medical care or contracts to which they were a party. Family members may not know which side to choose if two dominant family members assert the right to make decisions for their relatives. Creating a power of attorney is one of the most effective things a Webster elder law attorney can do to help their clients. A power of attorney permits one party to give another party the right to make medical and financial decisions on their behalf. An advance directive for healthcare is another important document that details what medical and financial decisions should be made in the event that the party loses mental capacity.

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