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Everyone has wishes and intentions for the future. All of us want to know that we will be treated with care and respect even if we can’t request it for ourselves, and we want to know that our families and loved ones will be given the security they deserve. By working with our Jersey Village wills and trusts lawyer, you can make sure that your wishes are enshrined, and you can pass on your legacy to those who matter most without hassle.

Attorney Michelle E. Murphy has spent over twenty years creating estate plans that address the personalized needs of her clients, including wills and trusts that allow them to meet the specifics of their estate planning goals. Reach out to schedule a free initial consultation and learn how she can give you and your family security.

Jersey Village Wills & Trusts Lawyer

Types Of Wills

A will allows you to leave behind instructions for the distribution of your assets and name an estate executor to oversee that distribution, among other functions. There are many types of wills, and our Jersey Village wills and trusts lawyer can help walk you through each of them to determine which will be the best fit for you and your needs.

A few of the different types of wills you can choose from include:

  • Last will and testament (simple will)
  • Joint will
  • Living will
  • Holographic will
  • Pour-over will
  • Mirror will
  • And more!

Each of these wills has a different function and can pertain to different aspects of your life and what you want to do for the ones you love. For example, a last will and testament is what most people think of when they imagine a will–it allows you to name beneficiaries to receive your assets.

A living will, on the other hand, pertains to you while you are still alive! It allows you to determine your medical wishes in advance so that, if you are ever incapacitated, you have already made decisions on necessary measures such as whether you want a DNR or if you want to be kept on life support.

Speak with our lawyer to determine which wills are relevant to you and what you want to accomplish for your end-of-life care and beyond.

Types Of Trusts

A trust is a legal tool that allows your assets to be held and distributed according to your direction. Like wills, trusts come in different types and can accomplish different estate planning goals, especially when used in combination with the right types of wills.

Types of trusts include but are not limited to:

  • Revocable trust
  • Irrevocable trust
  • Special needs trust
  • Charitable trust
  • Testamentary trust
  • Development trust
  • Bypass trust

Which trusts you choose will depend on you and the people in your life. Special needs trusts, for example, are set up to help a person who needs specialized medical care. Charitable trusts will allow you to leave certain assets to charity. Speak with our wills and trusts lawyer to determine which trusts are right for the goals that you wish to accomplish.

Advantages Of Combining Wills And Trusts

When created in tandem, wills and trusts are powerful estate planning tools. By enshrining your wishes in your will and creating the types of trusts that will help you carry them out, you can allow your loved ones to bypass the tedious and expensive process known as probate. With these methods, you can anticipate how to make life easier for your family, including pre-paying any taxes that your estate will owe so that your loved ones can receive what you intend for them without the headache and hassle.

Our Jersey Village Wills & Trusts Lawyer Will Work With You To Carry Out Your Intentions

Michelle E. Murphy has over 20 years of experience in the estate planning world. She will work closely with you to align with your goals and advise you on how best to accomplish them every step of the way. Reach out to schedule a free initial consultation and learn how she can help you secure your future for yourself and your family.

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Ms. Murphy made sure to use all of her resources and did everything legally possible to help me. She fought harder than other lawyers out there and found ways to make everything work in my favor. I really appreciate how she helped me and made me feel at ease under the worst circumstances. I recommend her highly.


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