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If you are visiting this page because you have recently lost a family member and you are unsure of what to do next, we first want to say that we are incredibly sorry for your loss. We know how devastating death can be, regardless of the circumstances, and we also know that it can be much more legally/financially complex than most grieving families realize. Our compassionate Friendswood probate lawyer, Attorney Michelle E. Murphy, has spent over 20 years guiding families through the probate process after the death of a loved one. She can help you navigate the way forward. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about what she can do to serve you.

What Is Probate?

Probate, also known as estate administration, is a Texas court process that “administers” the estate of a deceased person. In many cases, probate is required to be resolved before a decedent’s assets and possessions can be legally transferred to their heirs/beneficiaries. It is notoriously complicated, time-consuming, and expensive; there are many tasks and court fees involved. 

If there was a will left behind, the person who is the executor named in the will is responsible for carrying out the will’s contents under the supervision (in most cases) of a local probate court. If there wasn’t a will left behind, the court will name a personal representative to distribute the decedent’s possessions according to Texas’s intestacy laws. 

Generally, in either scenario, probate involves the following steps:

  • Submit the will (if one existed) to the probate court 
  • Formally notify creditors and beneficiaries
  • Collect, inventory, and appraise all of the deceased’s assets
  • Settle outstanding debts with creditors 
  • File final tax returns and pay outstanding taxes
  • Pay court fees and file court documents
  • Distribute assets to heirs
  • And more. 

Why Work With A Friendswood Probate Lawyer?

When you’re mourning, the last thing you probably want to be dealing with is a stressful court process, burdensome legal duties, and paperwork. If you make any mistakes along the way because you are unfamiliar with the process or don’t understand what is required of you, you could incur personal liability. You risk being sued by creditors or disgruntled family members who disagree with the difficult decisions you may have to make during the process. That’s why it is in your best interests to retain a skilled Friendswood probate lawyer who can take care of everything for you. Attorney Michelle E. Murphy will take the time to listen to your story, answer your questions, and explain how everything works so that you feel comfortable with what comes next. She can handle all the paperwork and court communications without mistakes; she will take the burden off your shoulders by completing all the above mentioned tasks on your behalf so that you can relax and grieve in peace. 

How The Law Office of Michelle E. Murphy Can Help You.

Because she has over 20 years of experience leading people through probate, Friendswood probate lawyer Attorney Michelle E. Murphy has the extensive knowledge you need to reach the fastest, most efficient probate resolution possible. There are four main different types of probate in Texas. She can help you discover whether you can qualify for independent administration, muniment of title, or a small estate affidavit rather than the traditional (and more time-consuming, expensive) dependent administration probate process. 

She cares about what you and your family are going through, and she will take the time to get to know you so she can offer you the best advice and guidance possible. Her ability to serve her clients virtually can be extremely convenient during this difficult time. As an experienced estate planning attorney as well, she can help you get the right documents in place to prevent your family from having to go through probate when you pass away. 

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Ms. Murphy made sure to use all of her resources and did everything legally possible to help me. She fought harder than other lawyers out there and found ways to make everything work in my favor. I really appreciate how she helped me and made me feel at ease under the worst circumstances. I recommend her highly.


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