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Everyone Needs To Plan For The Future, But Planning Ahead Can Be Complex. Let Attorney Michelle E. Murphy Simplify The Process.

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Estate planning is the process of getting your affairs in order. Practically, that means creating certain legal documents and tools that clearly lay out what your wishes are – your wishes for how your assets will be managed (both now and in the event of your death or incapacitation), your wishes for what your family will do if you are no longer there to provide for them, your wishes for who will make important medical decisions for you if you can’t make them for yourself, and more. Attorney Michelle E. Murphy has over 20 years of experience helping clients across the state of Texas easily design comprehensive estate plans that are personalized to their unique situations, and she can help you do the same! Call today to request a free consultation.

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Many people only have a vague idea of what an estate plan is or why they need one. Most people do realize that they should probably have a will (which is one of the documents typically included in an estate plan). However, because no one likes thinking about their own death, and life can get busy, they procrastinate. There are two significant problems with waiting to plan, though. The first is that you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. None of us know what our futures hold, and while we all want to live long and happy lives with our loved ones, that doesn’t always happen. If you pass away or become incapacitated without having an estate plan, you could leave your family in a very difficult situation – financially, legally, and emotionally. The second problem is that only having a will may not be enough to adequately protect your family and your assets in the way you intend.

For example, imagine that you are involved in a bad car accident and have life-threatening injuries. Who will make decisions about your medical treatment if tough decisions need to be made? What if your family members disagree? Even if you have a will, it may only specify what will happen in the event of your death, so may not be helpful in this case; without a health care proxy or advance directive, your family would be left to navigate that scenario on their own, which could result in conflict and stress. Or imagine that you pass away tomorrow without a will, trust, or any other documents. Do you know who will care for your children if you pass away? Do you know what will happen to your savings and retirement accounts? How will your debts be paid? How will the inheritance you planned to leave your loved ones be divided? If none of these answers are clarified in an estate plan, and you do pass away unexpectedly, Texas laws may control how your estate is settled in a process known as probate. That time-consuming court process could also result in stress and conflict for your family members – not to mention all the wealth you have worked your entire life for being depleted by court costs and not being passed to your family immediately.

Attorney Michelle E. Murphy can ensure that you and your family are prepared for whatever the future holds by making an estate plan that puts you in control. Her legal knowledge will allow her to draft all of the tools that should be included, such as a will, trust, power of attorney, health care proxy, advance directive, and more. These tools won’t be simple, templated documents, but will be fully customized to your family’s needs. Your life isn’t like anyone else’s, and your estate plan shouldn’t be either. She will also take the time to answer any questions you may have about the process. If you have special considerations, such as a blended family, a family member with special needs, investment properties, a family-owned business, or anything that may require more complex planning, she can help you think through the best way to achieve your goals. Her job is to guarantee that everyone you love and everything you own will be secure. Contact her today to schedule your free consultation and discuss your options!

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Ms. Murphy made sure to use all of her resources and did everything legally possible to help me. She fought harder than other lawyers out there and found ways to make everything work in my favor. I really appreciate how she helped me and made me feel at ease under the worst circumstances. I recommend her highly.


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