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If You’re Over The Age Of 65, There Are Sensitive Legal & Financial Matters That You Need To Address In Order To Enjoy Your Golden Years In Peace. Let Attorney Michelle E. Murphy Take Care Of Your Needs!

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As you get older, you will need to start thinking about the future – and the present – differently. Seniors face unique issues and have many legal considerations to make regarding their health and assets, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, estate planning, long-term care planning, and more. As an elder law attorney with over 20 years of experience, Attorney Michelle E. Murphy can serve as a compassionate advocate for you and your loved ones. You can rely on her law firm to give you all of the information necessary to make the best decisions and to give you peace of mind. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about what she can do to serve you.

Work With A Knowledgeable, Caring Texas Elder Law Attorney Who Is Equipped To Help You Prepare For The Last Decades Of Your Life.

In today’s world, people are living longer. This is good news for seniors and their families, but also means that they will need to plan for the costs and practicalities that go along with longer lives, or else risk leaving their families in stressful, difficult situations. For example, if you are a senior, you need to consider the possibility that you will eventually require long-term care. In Texas, the average cost of a nursing home is almost $80,000 annually, and your insurance likely does not cover that amount; if you don’t want to see your life savings completely exhausted by nursing home costs or burden your family with debt, you need to take legal action to protect your assets and qualify for Medicaid! You also need to make a will, trust, advance directive, and other important legal documents that clearly lay out your wishes.


Dealing with elder law issues can be overwhelming, highly emotional, and confusing, which is why it is important to entrust them to a lawyer who focuses on helping seniors and who truly cares about your future. Attorney Michelle E. Murphy is passionate about giving legal guidance that can make a difference in how smoothly and happily the rest of your and your family’s lives proceed! You can rely on her to walk you every step of the way through every scenario you need to address or plan for. She can…


  • Explain why you need an estate plan and what documents yours should include
  • Draft a comprehensive estate plan that may include a will, trust, power of attorney, advance directive, health care proxy, and more
  • Prevent your estate from being depleted by taxes, probate costs, or long-term care costs
  • Plan for the provision of adult children or dependents with special needs
  • Protect assets in a trust, so you don’t technically own them and can qualify for Medicaid to pay for the costs of long-term care
  • Lead you through the complex Medicaid application process
  • Help you claim Social Security and other relevant benefits
  • Communicate with your family members so that they know where to turn if anything should happen to you
  • And more.



She will take the time to explain everything you need to think about and what all of your legal options are. She can answer your questions, address your concerns, and ultimately ensure that you and your loved ones will be taken care of, no matter what the future holds! Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about what she can do to serve you.


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Ms. Murphy made sure to use all of her resources and did everything legally possible to help me. She fought harder than other lawyers out there and found ways to make everything work in my favor. I really appreciate how she helped me and made me feel at ease under the worst circumstances. I recommend her highly.


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